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Puma evoPOWER Tricks FG Balotelli

PUMA designers sat down with striker Mario Balotelli to discuss what motivates and moves him in the world of football and beyond.

He discussed the values that he lives by and his drive to be a humble player and person. (In fact, he’s said many times before that he doesn’t believe in celebrating his goals; it’s his job.) The conversation also covered his tattoos, specifically his tattoos featuring famous quotes.

The resulting Tricks execution features one such quote plus the words Professionalism, Endeavor, and Humility to demonstrate his goals in life and on the pitch. Balotelli will lace up in these custom boots on November 8, 2014.

PUMA will launch a series of Special Edition Tricks boots, the first of which is being launched for Balotelli today (8 November 2014). There are only be 10 pairs available, retailing at R3999 each and can be found at Rashid Cassim.

adidas releases Predator Instinct Supernatural

Today, adidas has unveiled a special edition Predator Instinct boot in time for Halloween as part of the 20th anniversary celebrations of the Predator.

The brand new Predator Instinct Supernatural, launched alongside the adizero f50 Supernatural, aims to thrill players and fans alike with inspiring luminous colours, as the skin of the Predator boots adapt and evolve in order to be seen on the darkest of nights.

The new boots will be worn by all adidas Predator and f50 players from October 31st onwards. The boots will retain the lethal zone, control pad and pass pad technology of the Predator Instinct, as well as the next-generation lightweight skin for the f50 boots, all with an added Halloween twist aimed at giving the opposition a real fright.

To commemorate the 20th anniversary of the Predator, the Predator Instinct Supernatural boots are one of the 14 special edition Predator Instinct boots to be launched during 2014. The latest collection of boots follow the Crazylight Pack and Revenge Pack, a heritage set of three Predators based on the original designs of the 1994 Predator, the 1998 Accelerator and the 2002 Mania.
The Predator Instinct Supernatural and adizero f50 Supernatural boot will be available to buy at www.adidas.com from 31st October.

Football4all launches in Gauteng with adidas

Today, adidas South Africa supports the official launch of the Johannesburg branch of the Football4All initiative – a grassroots football programme developed by a number of former South African international football players who will contribute in coaching novice primary school children.
“Since our launch earlier this year we have seen an overwhelming demand for the programme amongst scholars of all ages. The lack of ‘development’ of football particularly at grassroots’ level explains the great interest in the Football4All project”, says George Dearnaley, former Bafana striker and Director of Football4All. “Together with formidable former international players and coaches, we are determined to ensuring that the game is accessible to all young girls and boys in South Africa and that the proper basics are taught to them,” he continued.
Football4All is open to boys and girls – aimed at promoting a healthy and active lifestyle amongst primary school children. It is currently active in the Mitchells Plain and Khayelitsha clusters and today will launch in Gauteng.
Adrian de Souza, Sports Marketing Team Manager of adidas South Africa: “We are excited to see the programme grow so rapidly in a short space of time. Over the 3 year agreement, we will support the programme as a technical sponsor, providing all kit and equipment for the duration of the programme and look forward to this project growing even further, across the country”.
Other former South African international football players involved in the programme include Gerald Stober, Andrew Tucker, Duncan Crowie, Brian Baloyi, Desiree Elis, and David Nyathi, Matthew Booth and Jabulani Mendu, some of whom will be present to coach at the launch In Alexandra today. Other names such as Fani Madida are set to support the programme as it grows in strength.

PUMA introduce new evoSPEED 1.3 colourway

PUMA has refreshed the evoSPEED 1.3 boot, releasing a sleek new black, white and pool green colourway. The evoSPEED 1.3 is an innovative lightweight boot that helps players optimise their performance on pitch by moving with greater speed and agility. PUMA’s star players including Sergio Agüero, Radamel Falcao and Antoine Griezmann will be wearing the new colourway on-pitch.

The design and performance innovations of the evoSPEED 1.3 football boot combine to facilitate speed, every detail having been created with this in mind. Lightweight materials and the flexibility of the boot helps players manoeuvre the ball more effectively. Combined with increased control and grip thanks to the super thin microfiber, this is an ideal boot for quick strikers and midfielders who want to ensure the best control and touch of the ball, whilst keep a high pace around the pitch.
Comfort and stability have also been fully considered with the evoSPEED 1.3. The external midfoot cage wraps around the outside of the boot, providing stability for the player and a new optimised footbed helps give a snug fit for comfort.
PUMA player and Manchester City star striker Sergio Agüero said; “This latest evoSPEED colourway is a more classic design, more like how football boots used to be.  I like it a lot, PUMA have done a great job with it, and I’m looking forward to wearing it on the pitch.  It’s been a really good start to the season for me, my fitness is good now and I’m scoring goals which makes me happy. There’s no doubt this evoSPEED boot helps me get the space I need to do that.”
The new black, white and pool green evoSPEED 1.3 is available in-store in South Africa from December 2014 and will retail for R2299. A full collection of training apparel, goalkeeper gloves and other accessories will also be available.

adidas reveals predator crazylight for 20th anniversary

For the first time game-changing adidas Crazylight technology has been brought to the iconic adidas Predator boot. To celebrate the 20th anniversary of the Predator, the Predator Crazylight is one of the 14 special edition Predator Instinct boots that will be launched during 2014. The boot is part of a new Crazylight Pack, featuring new versions of the Predator, f50, 11pro and Nitrocharge.
To commemorate the 20th anniversary of Predator, adidas has already released the Revenge Pack, a heritage set of three Predators based on the original designs of the 1994 Predator, the 1998 Accelerator and the 2002 Mania. With the Crazylight Pack, adidas is bringing ground-breaking lightweight technology to this legendary boot.
Crazylight technology launched in April 2014, with Real Madrid’s Gareth Bale wearing the Crazylight f50 during their successful UEFA Champions League campaign. adidas has dominated the football “lightweight” category since the introduction of the adidas adizero™ f50 in 2010, and that continues with the Crazylight Pack. The new Predator Crazylight weighs just 215g, with the f50,11pro and Nitrocharge boots weighing in at 140g, 180g and 225g, respectively.
The Predator Crazylight has been designed to combine the complete control of the Predator Instinct with the lightweight technology of the Crazylight range. The boot retains the lethal zone, control pad and pass pad technology of the Predator Instinct while introducing sprintframe technology, which drastically reduces weight while maintaining the trademark control of the Predator range.
For the f50 and 11pro the adidas Innovation Team developed an innovative next-generation lightweight skin, drastically reducing the weight on the upper part of the boot while still guaranteeing high quality and performance.
The boots have been tested by the best footballers from across the globe, resulting in a design that will allow them to play faster and better than ever before. For the first time, this state-of-the-art technology has been rolled out across the entire adidas boot range.

Mercurial Superfly CR7 shines bright for Ronaldo

Portugal superstar Cristiano Ronaldo is set to debut his New Mercurial Superfly CR7 this weekend in Madrid.  The new boot features a classic black Mercurial Superfly silhouette with a shimmering twist and is available in both a high- and low-cut version.

“These new boots are well-suited for me because they’re elegant, beautiful, and they really shine in a new and different way,” said Ronaldo. “I’ve always liked trying out new boots, new collections, new colors.  Obviously it’s a special game against a big team this week, and  I’m excited to play in boots that I feel so good in.”
“Our team was really inspired by the idea of taking a classic color and making it look totally new,” said Max Blau, VP Global Football Footwear.  “What we’ve done here is create a completely new way to look at black.  This boot should set a new bar on-pitch.”

The shimmer effect of the new Mercurial Superfly CR7 is created through a new iteration of NIKESKIN technology.
“We knew we wanted to create this shimmering effect on-pitch, and do something that would really stand out in the sun or under lights, but it took us many iterations to get it just right,” said Blau.  “The idea was inspired by Cristiano,” added Blau.  “His technical ability makes him the best attacking player in the game, and the way he shows up in big matches and really shines, is what makes him the best there is.”
The Mercurial Superfly CR7 is also built specifically for speed.  With a dynamic fit collar that locks down the player at full speed, the micro-textured Nike Flyknit upper provides a barefoot-like feel that gets the foot closer to the ball and closer to the ground for increased control.  A highly responsive carbon-fiber plate is designed to further provide explosive speed in all directions.
“When Cristiano saw the boot for the first time, he instantly took to it,” said Blau. “He told us he loved the sophisticated elegance of the boot and the fact that it looked fit for a ‘Gala’.”
The new Mercurial CR7 is also available in a Mercurial Vapor X silhouette, allowing players to decide which collar height is best for them.  The Mercurial Vapor features a tongue-less upper that wraps the foot for locked-down fit, and a micro-textured synthetic upper.
The Mercurial Superfly CR7 and Vapor X will be available to purchase exclusively through the Nike Football App for iOS and Android starting October 23, and more broadly through nike.com on October 24. The full CR7 collection will be available at nike.com beginning November 6.

Zinedine Zidane enters the Predator Arena

To celebrate the recent launch of the adidas Predator Instinct boot, football legend Zinedine Zidane has appeared in a video which shows the exact moment when “Instinct Takes Over” for one of the greatest players of all time.

The design patterns of the Predator Instinct range are inspired by the predatory animals that use their instinct to hunt. The new boot enables players to unlock their predatory potential, and the visual representation of this can be seen on film as Zidane’s face and body morph to expose a side of the player that has never been seen before.
The film was captured recently as Zidane hosted a football tournament in his native France. The tournament, staged in the historical Arles Roman Amphitheatre located in the south of the country, required players to show their true Predator skills and use their anticipation, touch and vision to control the game. On the amphitheatre’s sandy surface, the best teams from around the country competed against each other – with Zizou also joining in with the matches themselves. The tournament marked the first time football has ever been played in the UNESCO World Heritage site.

The latest incarnation of the iconic Predator football boot has been timed to coincide with the 20th anniversary of its original release. The Predator, made famous by players including David Beckham and Zinedine Zidane, has been re-imagined in a design that celebrates the heritage of the boot alongside the animalistic instincts of the players that wear it. The ‘Predator Instinct’ boot launches the range with a return to the classic red, white and black colourway.
The new technological features of Predator Instinct mean the boot remains all about control. The biggest innovation comes in the form of a revolutionary control frame, which extends around the boot and down onto the forefoot, ensuring ultimate levels of grip, touch and control of the ball – ideal for quick dribbling and change of direction. Precision engineered materials including a new gel pad and hybridtouch material provide optimum control and comfort, while the new TPU outsole ensures greater flexibility of movement.
In its 20th anniversary year and to celebrate the previous 14 generations of Predator, adidas is releasing 14 new versions of the Predator Instinct during 2014. This includes Revenge Instinct, a heritage set of three Predators based on the original designs of the 1994 Predator, the 1998 Accelerator and the 2002 Mania.
Some of the biggest global footballing stars, including Mesut Özil, Oscar and Ángel Di María wear Predator Instinct. The boots are available to purchase now at adidas own-retail outlets as well as specialist stores worldwide.

Nike launches new Elastico Superfly

2014 saw a genuine milestone in football boot design as Nike revealed its fastest and most advanced football boot to date, the Mercurial Superfly.

But while 11-a-side on grass dominates at pro level, players around the world are playing small-sided games on different surfaces – concrete, wooden courts, artificial surfaces. To cater for these players, Nike introduces the Holiday 2014 Elastico Superfly – a shoe that brings all the innovation and technological benefits of the Mercurial Superfly to the court, turf or street.
“This past summer everyone was focused on the 11-a-side game.  But, players want innovation for every kind of football they play,” said Denis Dekovic Design Director, Nike Football. “We took the design insights developed with Cristiano Ronaldo for the Mercurial Superfly and brought them into the small-sided game with the Elastico Superfly.”
Dekovic worked with Nike’s Product Manager for Small-Sided Football Marian Dougherty, who played for the Portland Thorns in the US professional league and for  the US Women’s National Team, to take the performance benefits of the cleated Mercurial Superfly and add important details for the small-sided player.
“The upper is almost identical to the Mercurial Superfly, but with some key details that small-sided players have highlighted and that we see from playing as well as watching the game,” said Dougherty, Nike Product Manager.
The Elastico Superfly is distinctly low profile, placing the foot much closer to the ground than previous small-sided footwear. This helps improve traction and speed and allows players to better manipulate the ball. The unrivaled traction also benefits from a new rubber compound that’s produced specially for the outsole.
The low-profile, flexible outsole allows for improved grip for multi-directional quickness. Two updated traction patterns are offered; the Elastico Superfly IC features an outsole specifically designed for harder surfaces including concrete, and The Elastico Superfly TF built for turf and artificial grass surfaces.
“We worked to add flexibility and to decrease the distance between the foot and ground,” added Dekovic.  “This helps the player get closer to the sensation of playing barefoot and enhances underfoot ball control.”
The shoe also features an extra layer of NIKESKIN in areas where small-sided footballers experience additional abrasion on their footwear for increased durability, while the micro-textured Nike Flyknit upper allows for a barefoot like touch ad enhanced ball feel and control.
“The small-sided game is incredible to design for,” added Dougherty. “It’s beautiful in that the style of play is more free with a focus on individual skill and being an artist with the ball.  It’s less about a coach or rules and is so much more accessible to any player, anywhere.”

adidas unveils new Messi UEFA Champions League boot

Today, adidas announced the launch of the updated adizero f50 Messi football boots. To celebrate the return of the UEFA Champions League, the world’s greatest club competition, adidas has revealed a new design that pays homage to Leo Messi and his record breaking success.

The boot, inspired by the architecture of Barcelona, is a monument to the magical performances Leo Messi has produced in Europe. The design of the boot represents every goal he has scored and the 21 cities he has scored in. It represents the four times he has claimed the golden boot, the four UEFA Champions League hat-tricks he has scored and the three times he has lifted the famous trophy.
Leo Messi is widely considered as the world’s best player and one of the most successful players in the history of the UEFA Champions League. The words embellished on the boot, words like ‘respect’, ‘fun’ and ‘speed’, symbolise the attributes at the core of his game.
The new adizero™ f50 combines revolutionary technologies and precision engineering with every aspect of the boot design based around making the wearer as fast as possible on the football field. At only 165g, the adizero™ f50 is one of the lightest shoes on the market.
The UEFA Champions League f50 is the second instalment in a series which includes Messi’s current La Liga edition boot, and will be worn solely in this season’s UEFA Champions League.
The boot will be available to buy at www.adidas.com/messi-collection from 15th September.
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