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Yengwa hits out at SAFA “Untouchable Force”

Written By Themba Khumalo on Friday, February 24, 2012 | Friday, February 24, 2012

Explaining his resignation from the U20 Women’s National Team, Bongani Yengwa has hit out at what seems to powerful and untouchable forces that account to no one within SAFA. Yengwa resigned on Wednesday following his contentious exclusion from the junior women’s national team that travelled to Botswana last week. But the Yengwa saga should not be looked at in isolation – it is just a symptom of a deeply rooted problem in SA football!

“It is obvious that all the information that the CEO (Robin Petersen) is talking about is fed to him by someone. But the question is ‘who is that person?’ Chairman of the Technical Committee (Fanyana Sibanyoni) was unaware of these changes in the national team. This shows that there’s someone who is so powerful that he doesn’t see the need to even consult that committee, as if it doesn’t exit,” said Yengwa!
The KZN-based coach, who served as an assistant coach to Sheryl Botes, was inexplicably not included in the team that travelled to Botswana and, while he was not fired from his position, had his replacement appointed for the trip.

“The explanation that I got from the CEO was that he had spoken to the coach (Sheryl Botes) to say when appointing assistant coaches proper channels had to be followed, this with regard to the assistant coach who replaced me. But my main concern or question was what was the reason or who was behind leaving me behind and that question wasn’t covered in the letter. So, after that incident and considering a number of things like the fact that I was only invited late to the Symposium on the last minute and a whole lot of issues, I then decided that what would bring me at peace was if I resigned,” explained the Yengwa, who is completing his Master’s Degree in Sports Science.

The Yengwa saga, more than anything, depicts the maladministration that is the order of the day at SAFA. Firstly, the exclusion and replacement of the Durban-based coach was unconstitutional, but MaximalFootball.com advices that no investigation or punitive measures should be expected from the untouchable powers-that-be at SAFA. According to the SAFA Constitution, under ‘Regulations on the allocation of functions to standing committees’, it is plainly stated that “the (technical) committee shall recommend coaches, instructors and trainers to the National Executive Committee.” In this case,

MaximalFootball.com, based on Fanyana’ statement can categorically state that the committee was not consulted. How does it happen that the Chairman of the Technical Committee, who is also a member of the National Executive Committee, would not have a clue of such changes? Secondly, it is also clearly stated that all national teams’ appointments should be advertised and candidates be interviewed before they are appointed. Nonetheless, while Yengwa’s replacement was appointed, no position was advertised and no interviews were conducted. There are many other appointments of the same nature within SAFA, which makes it clear that nepotism is not seen as an offence in the SAFA House.

While Yengwa believes that perhaps the CEO is ‘only fed information by someone’, and as result he’s perhaps not as guilty as the force behind this entire saga, until Petersen comes out and shames those behind this unacceptable disregard of SAFA’s constitution and protocols, from where MaximalFootball.com stands he is the guilty party. MaximalFootball.com understands that whenever national teams have to travel coaches submit the list of all people travelling with the National teams to the CEO to sign off. When Petersen signed off the list of the group to travel to Botswana, being the competent CEO he is, he would have picked up that Yengwa had been replaced. However, Petersen signed off the list anyway. That makes him guilty! What’s the punishment for such incredible abuse of power, which goes so far that even the SAFA constitution is disregarded?

“It is so sad, because I’d like to believe that the CEO should have picked that up,” Yengwa lamented.
Making Petersen even guiltier is, while he should have tried to investigate the matter, he instead saw the need to defend the discrepancy when he sent a letter to Yengwa stating that while he acknowledged his (Yengwa’s) academic background, he didn’t have SAFA’s Level 3 qualification. This despite the fact that Yengwa guided the Banyana Banyana’s ‘B’ Team to the semifinal of the All Africa Game in Mozambique last year and played an important as an assistant coach to Banyana Banyana head coach, Joseph Mkhonza. Why did the issue of Level 3 not matter at the time? How many Safa coaches have Sport Science background?

“While they mention that I don’t have their Level 3 qualification they don’t mention that I have been attending coaching courses in Netherlands and Brazil,” Yengwa explained. “But I also don’t understand why the issue of Level 1 and Level 3 is coming in now after they had messed up. I have Level 1 and I won’t deny that, but if I had to choose between completing my Master’s Degree in Sports Science and going for Level 2 and 3, I would obviously go for my Master’s Degree.”

Some of the reactions:

“What will it take for SAFA leadership to act against these 'technical' experts within, who are destroying South African football with their 'dirty' politics! The so-called Technical Director should be called to answer for this chaos in our National teams, these are not 'his' teams but belong to the nation. Is he so 'untouchable' that he cannot be called to order! I call on the whole Technical Committee to resign en-masse as it's obvious that there are serious contraventions of SAFA statutes, as the Technical Director makes autocratic decisions,” wrote Sudesh Singh.
“Spot on Sudesh, Serame is the one who manipulates those appointments of coaches at Safa and you can see that those who are hired belong to his gang. I think the investigation must start with him,” wrote Jacob ‘Pro’ Ngwane.

“I happy that Bongani Yengwa is not stooping to the level of using tribalism as a reason. It just goes on to show the quality of the man. We just pray that it is also not about technical intellect alienation. Football coaching is not only about professional football or national teams. We need the expertise of guys like Bongani in KZN grassroots football. This football business needs all of us. People in positions of power must learn to play the ball not the man. I complained about unfair treatment during the Level 3 course and the Coach Education department decided to get rid of me. SAFA officials in the administration cannot deal with independant guys.,” wrote Thabo Dladla.

Petersen is guilty and, as the CEO, must explain how such maladministration is allowed to take place . Why does SAFA continue to snub those men with distinguished Sport Science and overseas coaching qualifications – Zipho Dlangalala, Thabo Dladla, Sudesh Singh, Bongani Yengwa, etc.?  What’s the role of the Technical Director in this mess?

By Maximal Football Editor

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